Robbie Paul In Doubt For Tri Nations

Robbie Paul in doubt after skull surgery.

Robbie Paul in doubt after skull surgery.

Cheat Britain sources today refused to comment on rumours that Robbie Paul was out of contention to play for New Zealand in the Tri Nations series.

Sources close to the Cheat Britain team in Ausfailure revealed that Paul was given a haircut before leaving Bradford and his hair is not expected to grow back until the beginning of the new Super League season.

Pommy fans supported the suggestion.

“Aye lud, eet’s hour clubes oo put tooker on lud’s tayble arned eets ornly ryght thut th clubes git fursd cull on lud’s tarm” said a fan from Butt Mound, near Bradford.

A source from Bradford denied Paul was given the haircut in order to further frustrate the Kiwis as they prepare to hammer Cheat Britain again on the weekend.

“We have already seen how good the Kiwis are and we have a referee from Ausfailure to sort them out in the game” said the Bradford coward.

“There’s no way we would face a Kiwi team without a deal with Ausfailure already stitched up” said the cheat.

Cheat Britain and Ausfailure regularly collude to frustrate the Kiwis test preparations and New Zealand are said to be annoyed by the antics.

Karl R Kotanga, a former Kiwi player currently serving a life suspension for winning games against Ausfailure and Cheat Britain, was not surprised by the haircut rumours.

“Ausfailure and Cheat Britain often pull stunts like this in the modern era” Kotanga said.

“It’s very average behavior for these sacks of sh!t” he confirmed.

Fans from Ausfailure supported Cheat Britain’s antics.

“We know from our own experience that you can’t beat the Kiwis on the field so you have to rely on beating them in other ways” said a fan of cheating from Queensland.

“It’s not cheating if you make the rules up as you go along” he frothed.

Ausfailure play their last game of the Tri Nations at Hull on October 19th when they get whipped by Cheat Britain.

New Zealand meet Cheat Britain in the Tri Nations Final at Leeds on the 27th of October NZ time. New Zealand is expected to win the game by a huge margin.

“That’s the problem” echoed sources close to the Cheat Britain and Ausfailure teams.

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