Bluey Crackersport in Auckland

Bluey Crackersport in Auckland

The Kiwis confirmed their rightful place at the top of international rugby league last night in Auckland when they added 26 points to their points tally in the Tri Nations Series.

The top line Kangaroo side looked decidedly second rate next to the 5th string Kiwi side cobbled together from all points of the globe by rookie coach Brian MacLennon.

Aussie coach Wayne Bennett, who has-been coaching the Kangaroos since before becoming a has-been, and his side of top performing NRL superstars could only muster 28 points against the formidable Kiwi E side.

Bennet’s shower could not improve on last week’s dismal effort but took the consolation of winning the match by a meager two points giving the Aussies a chance to restore some pride and giving the impression that international league was again competitive, unlike cricket, union, netball and other sports the Aussies fail in with regularity.

The Kiwis were gracious in defeat thanking Australia for turning up and asking that they take back their best regards to the Kiwi players imprisoned by the Aussie clubs who conspired to allow the Aussies a slim chance of winning something somewhere at sometime.

The Kiwis left New Zealand immediately after the game flying to England to play Great Britain the minute they get off the plane while the Aussies go back to Australia to have a week off on compo.

Tri Nations Points Table

Played Won Lost For Against
New Zealand 2 1 1 64 56
Australia 2 1 1 56 64
Great Britain 0 0 0 0 0

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