Cricket World Cup Over According To Aussies

The cricket World Cup in South Africa has been decided, according to a poll taken overnight in Australia.

Most Aussies now believe with New Zealand safely out of the contest the title is all but Australias.

‘There was only one nation that could seriously challenge us’ said a Queensland pig breeder ‘and that was our cousins in New Zealand but with them now out of the running the ICB should just hand us the money and be done with it’ he grunted.

A former Australian test player and convicted drug cheat said it was always a case of having only one team to beat and this was backed up by a statement from his mother.

Sources close to the Australian Cricket Board refused to comment on the situation fuelling rumours of yet another cover up.

New Zealand spokespeople said today that it was a case of having to live with making some tough decisions early in the piece and having no regrets.

‘We had serious security concerns about the political situation in Kenya’ said an insider.

‘We put safety first and agreed to forfeit those points and let’s be frank it was very decent of the other nations to support us over that.’

‘But sticking to your principles is a very Kiwi thing, especially at sport, so we will just have to live with it and look forward to the next time we play the underarm bowlers’ he said.

Oswald P Wrong, a cricket fan from Bummee, New South Wales laughed over his cornflakes and beer breakfast in a trendy Sydney caf? at the result.

‘The Kiwis never learn do they’ he guffawed. ‘When our boat broke in half and sank in San Diego the poor dears actually stopped racing and saved our lives thereby forfeiting the race’ he dribbled.

‘Where does it say you have to that in the rules?’ he asked before ordering more beer.

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