Australia Sh!tting Bricks In Lead Up To ANZAC Test

‘Packing bricks’ is how Australian sources close to the test team yet to be announced described the camp’s feeling towards the announcement that a neutral referee will officiate in this years ANZAC test.

“Using neutral refs doesn’t help our cause at all, and it goes against the grain to have to accept that.’ said an informant. ‘But apparently we have agreed to this, so I guess we’ll just have to accept it and whinge our guts out’ he whined.

The shock move came after the Kiwis decided on either English refotang Russell Smith, or a Kiwi ref from the local competition.

‘I was very surprised when the ARL turned down our local chap, leaving them no option but to have to cop a fair bloke’ said a league insider. ‘But let’s face it, they’ve had that Harotang chappie for the last couple and he’d fit right in to the Bartercard Cup competition here no worries at all’ he confided.

But the Aussies refuse to take the blow quietly.

‘This reeks of fairness’ said a fan.

‘How are we expected to win if we don’t get any help from the ref?’ another grunted.

Queensland based rugby league historian Oswald P Wrong describes the move as the most serious threat to Australian dominance since the invention of the judiciary. ‘The threat is real’ he said.

An unnamed referee spokespersotang refused to be quoted saying that because no one took them seriously anymore anyway they closed their press office.

An online petition calling for less unfairness in the game has been started at

Kiwi league fans are said to be staggered that the Aussies have not canceled the upcoming caning yet. ‘They must like getting their arses kicked’ said a Netball fan.

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