Ausfailure Wins Poofter Competition

NZ Male Model and All Black Dan Carter In His Lingerie Photo Shoot

Aussies shed tears of pride last night as their poofter team finally managed to out poofter fellow poofters the All Blacks. The All Blacks are a team of male models from New Zealand who have been on a winning streak

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Boat People Help Loser Nation At Games

Officials Check For Medal Hopefuls

Not normally known for opening their arms to visitors Ausfailure does of course have it’s famous double standard when people trying to escape other countries are good at sport.

Being good at sport in Ausfailure is also good for keeping you out of jail if the missus needs snotting

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Ausfailure ‘dumb blonde’ of the world:Official

Aus Prime Minister Interview On Letterman

Australia is viewed as the “dumb blonde” of the world, attractive but shallow and unintelligent, says a visiting British branding expert.

Simon Anholt, who has advised more than 40 countries on national identity and reputation, said Australia’s one-dimensional image meant that events such as attacks on Indian students

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Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Ausfailure wrestler Hassene Fkiri's brain fart costs certain medal at the Commonwealth Games on Tuesday.

It’s often said that you can always tell an Aussie, but you can’t tell him much.

This is because so many of them are stupid.

Look at Aussie Gold Medal hopeful Hassene Fkiri. Fkiri was chasing Ausfailure’s first Commonwealth

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